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Why EAC Presidents have to Assent to the Gender Bill

Gender Equality & Development Bill

Contribute gender equity and sustainable development

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To contribute gender equity and sustainable development in the East African Community partner states

Gender Equality & Development Bill Campaign EAC Gender and Development Bill is to advance Gender Equality across the 6 EAC Partner states in the economic, political, social and cultural spheres. The bill will benefit women and men by consolidating into one legally binding document, the various instruments to which the EAC partner states are party or signatory at the continental and International levels.

Gender equity is not only a fundamental human right, but a pre-condition for sustainable development. Providing women and girls with quality education, health care, decent work, access and ownership rights over property and technology, and equal participation in political and economic decision-making processes will lead to social, economic and environmental sustainability across the globe.

The goal of the campaign is to contribute gender equity and sustainable development in the EAC partner states. As EASSI, we strive to ensure that Gender equality is a human right, equality before and under the law; equality of opportunity in economic, political, social and other fields, equality in dignity (internal worth) of the person between men and women.

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