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EASSI will Safeguard and Protect Vulnerable Groups

EASSI commits to safeguard from harm all persons with whom we work. Safeguarding is the protection of the health, well-being, and rights of all vulnerable individuals. These include the EASSI members, staff, beneficiaries of our programmes and all stakeholders.

Safeguarding a Vulnerable Adult

An adult is defined as someone who is aged 18 and over. EASSI will look out and pay particular attention to adults who:

  • do not have the capacity to make decisions by themselves,
  • have a physical disability,
  • have a long-term illness,
  • are elderly and frail,
  • have a learning disability, and
  • have an alcohol or drug addiction problem.

EASSI’s Approach to Protect Vulnerable Adults

  • EASSI will allow Vulnerable Adults to as much as possible have control and autonomy over their own lives.
  • They will be allowed to make choices for themselves.
  • While carrying out our work, we will endeavor to create a risk-free environment.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Women

As a feminist organisation, EASSI strives not only to ensure that women enjoy their right to social security on an equal basis to men, but also to advocate for appropriate special measures so as to provide women with equal opportunities in political and public life, education, employment, health care, economic and social life, and marriage and family relations. EASSI works towards enhancing:

  • respect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy including the freedom to make one’s own choices, and independence of persons;
  • non-discrimination;
  • full and effective participation and inclusion in society;
  • respect for difference and acceptance of persons with disabilities as part of human diversity and humanity;
  • equality of opportunity;
  • accessibility; and
  • equality between men and women.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Children

Safeguarding children focuses on protecting children that are identified as suffering or likely to suffer harm. A child is classified as being under the age of 18. EASSI commits to:

  • protect all children from abuse and exploitation
  • ensure children grow up with the right care and their rights are observed
  • address those things that affect the social wellbeing, health and development of children, and take action when we believe these things could be or are already happening.

EASSI’s Approach to Protect Vulnerable Children

EASSI will protect all children from abuse, maltreatment and exploitation, by preventing anything from harming their health or development. EASSI will ensure that children can grow up under a safe environment and effective care and take action to ensure children have the best outcomes in life. In doing our work we will:

  • Never expose children to risks or abuse, sexually or otherwise
  • Always get consent from the child and the legal guardian before taking pictures/filming children in group or individually, or before an extensive article on a child is written
  • Avoid taking images with information that could identify or put children in danger, and avoid compromising situations e.g. sexually suggestive photos and/or where children are not fully dressed
  • Always ensure that images do not reveal identifying information about a child when sending images electronically
  • Always act with sensitivity around conversations or questions to avoid upsetting a child emotionally
  • Always make sure that there are a minimum of two adults present when working in the proximity of children
  • Always protect personal information regarding people, particularly children
  • Always use social media respectfully

Any bullying, physical or verbal harassment, inappropriate touching, physical punishment, exposure to pornography e.g. on-line grooming and trafficking, particularly when being with children, is prohibited under EASSI’s Code of Conduct.

As an employee or representative of EASSI, it is prohibited to engage in any sexual activity with children under the age of 18 years, regardless of consent or the age of majority. Mistaken belief in the age of a child is never a defense for such actions.

In case of Violation, please contact:

Executive Director


Plot 3565, Kulambiro – Kisaasi, Kampala, Uganda

Tel: +256 393 266 451

email: eassi@eassi.org

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