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NTBs, Gender Responsive EAC Non-Tariff Barriers Act

Non-Tariff Barriers

Import licensing, Rules of origin

Together, East African Community!

A gender responsive EAC Non-Tariff Barriers Act

NTBs, Non-Tariff Barriers are laws, regulations, administrative and technical requirements other than tariffs imposed by a Partner State. Their effect is to impede trade. In other words, NTBs are restrictions or obstacles to trade.

Traders face Non – tariff barriers that include; import licensing, rules of valuation of goods at customs, rules of origin and prepared investment measures that restrict the importation or exportation of goods and services within or outside other countries. Non- tariff barriers increase the cost of doing cross border business and reduce the gains from trade by restricting domestic market access to regional importers and exporters. Campaigning for NTBs ensures that there’s equality of treatment in our justice system for East African Community.

As EASSI, we ensure that we create an environment that is conducive to trade and effective movement of goods and services within various communities and remove restrictions that make importation and exportation within and outside the community costly.

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