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Encouraging women empowerment in Eritrea

Encouraging effort is being exerted with a view to strengthen the economic and educational capacity of women. The comment was made at the seminar the members of the NUEW Central Committee conducted on 4 November in Sawa to the 31st round members of the national service. The seminar was focused on empowering women, women and skills as well as women and education. Pointing out that the vision of the union is to ensure gender equality of women, the Central Committee members said that that involves nurturing equal capacity and contribution as well as shouldering equal responsibility for mutual benefit.

Indicating that the role and contribution of women in different sectors is growing, the members said that the mission and objective of the union is safeguarding the national sovereignty, realizing social justice, ensuring equality and socio-economic development, avoiding discriminatory traditions and regulation against women, as well as ensuring the right place of women in the household, community and national hierarchy. They also called for proper use of the educational opportunities provided with a view to equip themselves with the necessary skills and become productive members of the society.

Source: Eritrea, Ministry of Information

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