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Who we are

EASSI International Consult (EASSI- IC) viewed in aggregate, is unmatched in the depth and breadth of expertise we bring to bear on our clients’ behalf. EASSI- IC is a well-established consultancy (autonomous and not for profit) providing a range of targeted services to support and strengthen the development sector in the region.  It is a research, evaluation and communications consultancy, servicing nonprofits, governments and donors with innovative solutions within the development context. Since 2008, with a firm complement of professionals and consultants we have supported non-profit and civil society organisations, academia, funders, government, and corporate social investment departments to do Research, Evaluation, Communications, Facilitation and Training, Project design and management, intern provision capacity building and Organisation Development.

The Eastern African Sub-Regional Support Initiative for the Advancement of Women (EASSI) was formed in 1996 as a civil society led mechanism that would monitor the implementation of the Beijing platform of Action and other regional and global gender protocols and also facilitate networking among women’s organisations and other civil society actors within the Eastern African Region (Burundi, Eritrea, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somali, Tanzania, and Uganda). EASSI’s programmatic framework is grounded on the 12 priority areas identified in the Beijing and the African Platforms for Action. EASSI envisions a transforming society where all enjoy gender equality, social justice, peace and development within Eastern Africa and beyond. The mission is “to facilitate follow-up of the Beijing and African platforms for Action in order to enhance the advancement of women and social justice.

Our Vision

To be a Center of Excellence with the most trusted and respected professional services’ firm recognized by our clients for delivering excellence.

Mission EASSI- IC

To serve our clients by providing the highest quality professional services, which address their actual business issues.

We work with purpose on an exciting array of Research, Evaluation, Communications, Facilitation and Training, Project design and management, intern provision and Organisation Development and EASSI- IC projects to deliver exceptional value to our clients, to fulfil ourselves and to make a meaningful contribution to the development sector in the region.


We believe in…

  • Development- we have faith in the potential for growth, improvement and advancement of both the Individual and society
  • Excellence-we uphold the highest standards of professionalism and effectiveness
  • Ethics- we work in a way that is always principled, just and honorable
  • Expertise- we are ongoing learners and appreciate being knowledgeable specialists in our field
  • Working with purpose- we are committed to using our skills and talents in service to a better world


Institutional Development

EASSI- IC offers capacity building services stretching from tailor made professional training for staff; design of strategic plans; workforce development initiatives and plans; facilitation of workshops; and other institutional design needs all with gender lenses.


We conduct baseline surveys, project midterm evaluations, end-term evaluations and other specialized analytical and comprehensive research, with an ability to write for readers from various audiences and a capacity for exact editing. Our dedicated team has experience creating research strategies, synthesizing and analyzing findings and compiling comprehensive research reports for policy actions.


We conduct independent evaluations and assessments of national and regional projects, programmes, development initiatives and communication campaigns and products.

Media and Communications

We offer a wide range of professional communications services that help to showcase best practice and enhance our clients’ services and organisational effectiveness. Our skilled team creatively conceptualises and implements strategic communications, raising the profiles of our clients and benefitting stakeholders through comprehensive Behaviour Change Communication, Development and Advocacy Campaigns.

Corporate Social Investment

We promote ethical and effective corporate social investment by supporting the public-private partnerships (PPP) between corporate donors, government departments and development organisations. We assist companies in bridging the traditional disconnect between themselves and the non-profit sector by leveraging our extensive development expertise to enable corporate clients to implement more sustainable and meaningful social investment programmes to create sustainability.

Internship Placement

Internship placement through “My dream achiever” programme is a specialist service of EASSI- IC work, enabling committed national, regional and international graduates to gain significant work experience by interning at EASSI and partner institutions who are in need of their skills. The internships we facilitate are highly customised to ensure that both interns and host organisations benefit from volunteerism.

Project Management

Project management services are an integral part of our evaluation, research, EASSI- IC work ensuring that our client deliverables are of the highest possible quality and delivered on timeline and within budget. We provide support for various organizations running all kinds of projects – from project inception, to implementation, performance measurement and evaluation. In addition, we offer project management as a stand-alone service for clients looking to seek funding, develop a new programme or produce an event.

Facilitation & Training

With our mother institution- EASSI, we focus our facilitation and training services on enabling development practitioners and their beneficiaries to access a range of quality educational events, projects and initiatives that help to build capacity in both organizations and the communities they serve.

Where We Work

EASSI- IC offer a full suite of services in key areas, including:

Monitoring and Evaluation, Training and Capacity Building, HR Services, Gender and women’s issues, Strategy Development (Strategic Planning), Business Research and Surveys, Marketing and Brand Strategy, Workplace Safety and Health Advisory, Human rights, Food security, Risk Advisory and Management and carries out policy engagement based on its research findings.

Within Uganda and the region, our clients include government departments and agencies in at local, regional and national levels, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, private and international donors and corporate social investors.

Our Team

These are based at our office in Kulambiro- Kisaasi Kampala, on EASSI House with regional focal offices in all EASSI member countries. They help in running the EASSI- IC secretariat and where they attend to currently running projects, bidding and answering client’s queries.

EASSI- IC therefore, crows of National, Regional and International Consultants. These are the experts we engage when we have projects relevant to each one’s qualification and experience. We have over 250 specialists who work with us whenever our clients have projects that require either national, regional or international experience. Regional countries where we draw specialists from include Burundi, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania, and South Sudan. This gives us the capacity to handle projects of any size ranging from small to large scale.

Contact us:

EASSI International Consult Ltd.

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