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Leadership engagement
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Leadership Development and Increased Opportunities for Young People

In order to strengthen and amplify the voices of the young people it is important to take advantage of various opportunities availed at the national, regional and international levels. This will help them to learn and network with other people and also get empowered so as to debate differences and establish principles that unite them. It is critical to mobilise young people to enable them to constructively engage policy and decision-makers and hold them accountable. Because of their numerical strength across the region, the youth need to be properly mentored so that they are in position to contribute and guarantee national and regional development, peace and stability.

In respect to women’s empowerment, special attention needs to be put on the provision of education and training of women to attain gender equality and enable them become effective leaders of change. Educated women benefit entire societies, contributing to successful economies and the improved health, nutrition and education of their families. Education and training are also crucial tools to help change harmful gender stereotypes and eradicate harmful traditional practices that continue to hold women in bondage.