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EASSI partnerships
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Communication for Development, Gender Equality and Equity

The work done by EASSI is based on data collection, documentation, information sharing, networking and building partnerships with like-minded organisations, governments of the Greater Horn of Africa (GHEA) region and other regional bodies such as the UN Agencies, AU, EAC, IGAD, COMESA and others. EASSI has over the years worked with these organisations and government departments and ministries for the benefit of women of the region. These partnerships have boosted the work and profile of EASSI and its members across the nine countries. EASSI’s partners will have to be continuously engaged through effective communication mechanisms.

EASSI has a policy on communication and feedback and a complaints mechanism policy. Reports and any other relevant information for public consumption are promptly posted on the EASSI website which is regularly updated. From the documented success stories the beneficiaries appreciate the work of EASSI but there is still no documented system of collecting feedback on service provision from beneficiaries