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November 11, 2020

Regional Women’s Rights Instruments

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights - PDF, 66KB [sdm_download_counter id="3042"] [sdm_download id="3042" fancy="0"] UN General Assembly Index (2012) - PDF, 47KB [sdm_download_counter id="3044"] [sdm_download id="3044" fancy="0"] UN Security Council Resolution 1888 (2009) - PDF, 51KB [sdm_download_counter id="3048"] [sdm_download id="3048"

November 9, 2020

Organizational Policies

Addendum to the Financial and Administration Policies and Procedures (2020) - PDF, 3MB [sdm_download_counter id="3083"] [sdm_download id="3083" fancy="0"] Financial and Administration Policies and Procedures of EASSI (2019) - PDF, 11MB [sdm_download_counter id="3082"] [sdm_download id="3082" fancy="0"] Human Resource Policy of EASSI

November 8, 2020

Our Updates – Quarterly Reports

EASSI Quarterly Report April - June (2020) - PDF, 480KB [sdm_download_counter id="3076"] [sdm_download id="3076" fancy="0"] EASSI Quarterly Report January - March (2020) - PDF, 3MB [sdm_download_counter id="3074"] [sdm_download id="3074" fancy="0"]  

November 7, 2020


Women's Lexis Newsletter Aug-Dec (2017) - PDF, 2MB [sdm_download_counter id="3104"] [sdm_download id="3104" fancy="0"] Women's Lexis Newsletter May- Aug (2017) - PDF, 2MB [sdm_download_counter id="3109"] [sdm_download id="3109" fancy="0"] Women’s Economic Justice (WEJ) Project Newsletter January-May (2016) - PDF, 3MB  [sdm_download_counter id="3213"]

November 6, 2020

Strategic Plans

EASSI Strategic Plan 2019-2023 - PDF, 6MB [sdm_download_counter id="3085"] [sdm_download id="3085" fancy="0"]

November 5, 2020

Leadership Development and Increased Opportunities for Young People

Women and Girls' Empowerment - Life Skills and Leadership Guide (2015) - PDF, 3MB [sdm_download_counter id="3132"] [sdm_download id="3132" fancy="0"] Policy Brief - The Status of the Girl Child in East Africa (2009) - PDF, 383KB [sdm_download_counter id="3161"] [sdm_download id="3161" fancy="0"]

November 4, 2020

Gender, Environment and Natural Resources Governance

Policy Brief - Women and the Environment (2009) - PDF, 76KB [sdm_download_counter id="3169"] [sdm_download id="3169" fancy="0"]  

November 3, 2020

Women’s Participation in Politics, Governance, Peace and Security

Gender Perspectives in the Karamoja Cluster - Invisible Women (2020) - PDF, 8MB [sdm_download_counter id="3369"] [sdm_download id="3369" fancy="0"] Policy Brief - Promoting Cross Border Cooperation in Eastern Africa (2020) - PDF, 2MB [sdm_download_counter id="3152"] [sdm_download id="3152" fancy="0"] Policy Brief -

November 2, 2020

Gender and Economic Justice

Report on the Effects of COVID19 on Women Cross Border Traders in East Africa - TradeMark East Africa & EASSI (2021) - PDF, 20MB [sdm_download_counter id="3377"] [sdm_download id="3377" fancy="0"] Women in Eastern Africa Responding to a Global Pandemic: COVID-19 report

November 1, 2020

Annual Reports

EASSI Annual Report (2020) - PDF, 11MB [sdm_download_counter id="3409"] [sdm_download id="3409" fancy="0"] EASSI Annual Report (2019) - PDF, 11MB [sdm_download_counter id="3366"] [sdm_download id="3366" fancy="0"] EASSI Annual Report (2018) - PDF, 17MB [sdm_download_counter id="3053"] [sdm_download id="3053" fancy="0"] EASSI Annual Report (2017)