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April 4, 2022

Karamoja Women Lobbying for Involvement in Policy Implementation

On 1st April 2022, EASSI in partnership with Crossroads International organized a joint cross border Dialogue bringing together over 41 women leaders and 10 policy makers from the Karamoja Cluster of Uganda and Kenya. The aim was to discuss the

November 11, 2020

Regional Women’s Rights Instruments

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights - PDF, 66KB [sdm_download_counter id="3042"] [sdm_download id="3042" fancy="0"] UN General Assembly Index (2012) - PDF, 47KB [sdm_download_counter id="3044"] [sdm_download id="3044" fancy="0"] UN Security Council Resolution 1888 (2009) - PDF, 51KB [sdm_download_counter id="3048"] [sdm_download id="3048"

November 9, 2020

Organizational Policies

Addendum to the Financial and Administration Policies and Procedures (2020) - PDF, 3MB [sdm_download_counter id="3083"] [sdm_download id="3083" fancy="0"] Financial and Administration Policies and Procedures of EASSI (2019) - PDF, 11MB [sdm_download_counter id="3082"] [sdm_download id="3082" fancy="0"] Human Resource Policy of EASSI

November 8, 2020

Our Updates – Quarterly Reports

EASSI Quarterly Report April - June (2020) - PDF, 480KB [sdm_download_counter id="3076"] [sdm_download id="3076" fancy="0"] EASSI Quarterly Report January - March (2020) - PDF, 3MB [sdm_download_counter id="3074"] [sdm_download id="3074" fancy="0"]  

November 7, 2020


Women's Lexis Newsletter Aug-Dec (2017) - PDF, 2MB [sdm_download_counter id="3104"] [sdm_download id="3104" fancy="0"] Women's Lexis Newsletter May- Aug (2017) - PDF, 2MB [sdm_download_counter id="3109"] [sdm_download id="3109" fancy="0"] Women’s Economic Justice (WEJ) Project Newsletter January-May (2016) - PDF, 3MB  [sdm_download_counter id="3213"]

November 6, 2020

Strategic Plans

EASSI Strategic Plan 2019-2023 - PDF, 6MB [sdm_download_counter id="3085"] [sdm_download id="3085" fancy="0"]

November 5, 2020

Leadership Development and Increased Opportunities for Young People

Women and Girls' Empowerment - Life Skills and Leadership Guide (2015) - PDF, 3MB [sdm_download_counter id="3132"] [sdm_download id="3132" fancy="0"] Policy Brief - The Status of the Girl Child in East Africa (2009) - PDF, 383KB [sdm_download_counter id="3161"] [sdm_download id="3161" fancy="0"]

November 4, 2020

Gender, Environment and Natural Resources Governance

Policy Brief - Women and the Environment (2009) - PDF, 76KB [sdm_download_counter id="3169"] [sdm_download id="3169" fancy="0"]  

November 3, 2020

Women’s Participation in Politics, Governance, Peace and Security

Gender Perspectives in the Karamoja Cluster - Invisible Women (2020) - PDF, 8MB [sdm_download_counter id="3369"] [sdm_download id="3369" fancy="0"] Policy Brief - Promoting Cross Border Cooperation in Eastern Africa (2020) - PDF, 2MB [sdm_download_counter id="3152"] [sdm_download id="3152" fancy="0"] Policy Brief -

November 2, 2020

Gender and Economic Justice

Report on the Effects of COVID19 on Women Cross Border Traders in East Africa - TradeMark East Africa & EASSI (2021) - PDF, 20MB [sdm_download_counter id="3377"] [sdm_download id="3377" fancy="0"] Women in Eastern Africa Responding to a Global Pandemic: COVID-19 report

November 1, 2020

Annual Reports

EASSI Annual Report (2020) - PDF, 11MB [sdm_download_counter id="3409"] [sdm_download id="3409" fancy="0"] EASSI Annual Report (2019) - PDF, 11MB [sdm_download_counter id="3366"] [sdm_download id="3366" fancy="0"] EASSI Annual Report (2018) - PDF, 17MB [sdm_download_counter id="3053"] [sdm_download id="3053" fancy="0"] EASSI Annual Report (2017)